Join Congress’ online membership campaign by paying Rs. 5

2 min readNov 1, 2021

On November 1, Congress started the “JoinCongressSaveIndia” online membership campaign drive across the nation. This drive is started by the state unit presidents of Congress to ensure a large number of people join the old party to save the constitutional values of the nation. They will also train their cadre to counter the BJP’s ‘false propaganda.’ The campaign will continue till March 31, 2022, and people can become members by paying Rupees 5.

Prerequisites for the primary members

Primary members of Congress will have to make a declaration of abstention from alcohol and drugs.

New members will also have to give a declaration that they will not own any property excess of ceiling laws. They will have to undertake tasks including manual labor.

Members are not allowed to criticize the party’s policies and programs in public.

Campaign to revive teachings of Mahatma Gandhi

Congress started this campaign to resist BJP, as they are dividing society by spreading hatred. They will fight back through the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi which are non-violence, truth, and unity.

Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot insisted youth join the Congress party as its ideology is dedicated to upholding the constitutional and democratic values of the country. Leaders of the Congress party sacrificed their lives before and after the independence to keep it united.

He added that ‘Fascist forces’ are destroying democratic values whereas the Congress party always aims at ensuring unity, social harmony, and equality.




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